25 January 2018

Why did I start hiding my face?

I have finally gone and done it.

I started writing a blog way back in the 1990's. My own little island on the internet. Those of you who have stuck around my blog long enough will know that I don't write that much, I say I will but vary rarely do.
See on the 12th April 2012 YouTube opened up its YouTube Partner Program so that anyone with an uploaded video could join and become a YouTube partner. I had started my channel about three weeks before this happened and, I have to admit after jumping at the chance to become a YouTube partner, making video`s kind of took over, even though in the beginning I wanted to make them for my blog, which, over time became more and more ignored, left to fend for its self.

My first channel is no longer on YouTube, I deleted it after someone told me I should stick to watching vlogs and quit making them, looking back I still say that, that is the worst mistake I have ever made, I am sure that after 6 years if making videos on the same channel I would have easily met the new requirements that YouTube rolled out this month.

Still, maybe it was for the best, see, the one thing which has always held me back on both my blog and my YouTube channel is the fear that something I say or do could have a negative impact on either my family, my job or my chances of getting a job. So I held back on a lot of things that I wanted to talk about.

As time went on I noticed that the vast majority of Youtubers were at the oldest around early to mid 30's. I started thinking, right or wrong that my age was having a negative impact on my channel, even though many people told me that this was not the case, I the thought had took root and this did knock my confidence.

So, to the point of this post, last weekend I deleted all of the video's on my YouTube channel, all but three, I think I have also deleted every picture of me from my Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram, then I took out an old bike bandanna and a hat and made the move to do a total iJim re-branding, instead of recording vlogs about my day I record commentaries about the world as I see it, wart's and all.

Some people have commented that I "look scary" or "that they would not want to meet me in a dark alley".
This was not my intention, I am the same person under the mask as I always have been.

I already feel more confident in front of the camera. I know that as long as I stay within the YouTube Guide Lines I have no reason at all to hold back, and that feels good, if I think that the subject I am talking about might teeter on the edge of those guide lines, I can direct people to my blog, here at iJim.co.uk where I can fill in the gaps and be more direct.