1 March 2016

The Start Of TiR (the iJim Report)

At the time of writing this it is Friday 26th February 2016, the first TiR (The iJim Report) video went live on YouTube today with my take on Kesha and her battle with Sony to get out of her contract.

So far the video has had three views and two of those views are me, hey I like to watch my videos.

But why did I start TiR? As I said in my last post I see things kind of different from most people, I am also rather opinionated, a big believer in Justice and equality, there are times when things just burn me up and I want to have my say and having my own Youtube channel and blog is the perfect platform to do this. A place where anyone who might be interested can either watch or read about how I see things, sometimes a person might agree and other times they might not, pulling apart my arguments but hey, this is how we learn.

We all know how mainstream media can cover news in such a way as to try to sway public opinion either for or against a given subject, they attempt to propagate fear and hatred so that the populus agree with decisions made by our governments, media has a habit of omitting certain facts so that the whole story is not told, at times they might not even cover a story at all. To me, this is unjust and should not be how the media covers world events.

Mainstream media and this includes newspapers have a responsibility to keep is informed of world events, not tell us how we should think about things that are happening, which, by the way they cover these stories is what they are doing.

Yes, the stories and events that I plan to cover in TiR are the way I see them, sourced mainly from the internet and mainstream media, I am not going to hide the fact that they are of "my" personal opinion, but hey, you never know, I could touch on something which another person may not have considered.

I didn't want to start a new Youtube channel for TiR thinking that the topics that I will cover are apart of me and how I think and therefore should be part of the same channel.

How did I come up with the name "The iJim report"? In truth I didn't, I couldn't get past the name "The World According to iJim" but I didn't want the acronym it created "TWATi" so I made a tweet about my problems. About 10 minutes later Cariad Eccleston from Cariad.me replied with about three alternatives I could use, The iJim Report was one of them and so TiR was born. Thanks Cariad.

That's about it for this one, take care

Regards Jim