28 September 2015

iJims Fallout 3 Trailer Script

As you know my Fallout 3 game crashes at random points, freezing out my computer, for me, this has made things awkward, I love playing the game and i love uploading my adventures to YouTube.

  For the last week or so I have been working on a way where I can link the story line from Fallout 3 to Fallout New Vegas. I have finally managed to make a small trailer which takes the story line of my Fallout 3 character over to Fallout New Vegas, and I thought is would be kind of cool to post the script I used for the trailer voice over here on iJim.co.uk.

I had spent 19 years in vault 101,
The thought of leaving had never entered my mind,
until... the day I found out that my Dad had left the vault,
The vault overseer had lost his mind and wanted answers,
and my head.
I had no choice but to leave the vault and find my father.

It didnt take long until I realized that I was not going to get far
The outsiders used bottle caps as a currency,
If I was going to find my Father I had to have a plan, and caps
Doing odd jobs for the residents of an outpost called Megaton
met my needs until the day I was asked to deliver a letter to the parents
of one of the residents.

I knew only too well what it was like to have no contact with ones folks
so I agreed,
and set off across the waistlands.
It was then that I realized..
The world I walked through was nothing like the worlds I had watched in the movies, back in vault 101.
This was not the world I drempt of being part of at night.

The last thing I remember was handing over the letter,
I was asked to deliver a package and...

Now, I am what seems a lifetime from the vault,
I still need to find my father, but first.

I need to find who ever it was who shot me.
The rules have changed,
it is either adapt, or die...

I admit I did stray from the script at times but this is the original drafting.  The actual trailer will be hitting YouTube next week.