27 August 2011

Bad weather

It's pouring with rain at the moment and has been on and off now for a few days. Earlier this morning I was looking out the window watching the rain bounce off the car when I got to thinking why people describe the weather as bad or crappy when its raining. Why is it that we complain so much about the rain and snow and the wind for that matter?

Is it that its just so inconvenient to have to put a coat on or walk with an umbrella? Or is it that we have became so soft and self oriented that we have forgotten why the rain, wind and snow is necessary for the continuation of our species and for that matter our planet?

We or some of us seem to have forgotten that it is the rain that fills our reservoirs and eventually come through our taps to make our coffee and tea. It is rain that waters our gardens and helps grow the food that we eat. If we did not have rain or any other of the more "inconvenient" weather patterns that we have to put up with then we would be living in a barren wilderness. Above all else rain if you took the time to watch it is a wonder to see and feel. As my eldest son said "Rain feels like little people walking across your face".

There is no such thing as bad weather, it might be inconvenient and at times it is unfortunate that it can cause damage and the loss of life but ultimately the weather is what keeps us alive.