7 November 2006

A day at Court

My wife went to court yesterday.. long story but the jist is a friend of the familys son has been sent to prison, why? Im not telling.. all i will say is he comes from a good home, never been in trouble ever with the law, he is a good boy who made a mistake and if you are wondering.. Yes I would trust him with my children, I have seen him grow since he was about 5 years old. But anyway I digress he was back at court yesterday to face charges of Intimidating a witness. He was alledged to have rode past the witness on a bike laughing at him during the initial trial. My wife went so that he could have a friendly face in court as his Mom couldnt be in the same court while the prosocution was on the floor as she was a witness for the defence.

My wife was there all day from 9:30 in the morning, finally getting out at about 3:45 after the case was threw out of court because.. get this now, this is good. The person who was bringing the charges was found out to be Blind in one eye, have partial vision in the other eye, needed to wear glasses to be able to see anything, it was dark, misty I think and he didnt see the accused`s face... "But he recognised the laugh!!!".

My heart realy goes out the family of the accused, his mom is going through enough, she never got to hear or see her son and the thought of him having his sentence extended........