6 October 2006

Quit Smoking Day erm I dunno

I cant remember what day it is forquite smoking, erm I know that I stopped smoking exacly 3 weeks ago today so I guess it must be Day 21 then .. hey thats not too bad. I Still want a cigarette, last week was a bad week, seemed like one long craving> I went back to the Smoking Cestation clinic last Friday and had my Carbon Monoxide levels checked, for those who dont know a none smoker will have a CM level of 6-7 units or lower unless they have been or spend alot of time in heavy traffic then it might be higher due to exauset funes, anyway I digress I had my CM levels checked last friday, I had a CM level of 1. No realy I kid you not. i am still using Nicorette micro tabs to help with the real kick ass cravings that pop up from time to time. its just gone midnight so Im ending this one here. Oh before I go I want to thank Doris and Matt for their moral support.... Thanks guys :) (Matt has quit smoking as well and is keeping a " I WANT A SMOKE" diary as well you should realy check it out, im gonna