18 September 2006

Quit Smoking Day 7

ok officialy today is actualy day 5 of me not smoking and boy do I feel it, I dont know if I feel any better or not. I guess I must do because I havnt had a cigarette not in 5 days if you count last thursday as day 1 that is.
Today has been the worst day so far, it feels like it has been one long craving from the moment I got out of bed untill now when I still want a smoke. It feels like I have gone through a full ring of micro tabs to try and stop the want. If I was tio say that i wasnt tempted to ask a work colligue for a cigarette then I would be lying.
Anyway I have some painting to do, should keep my mind off wanting a cigarette. Hope tomorrow will be better.
Oh I dont know what the problem is but my internet is realy slow at the moment, and by slow I meen the computer I use at work is faster and that computer is shit.
The garden is comming along realy well now, we did have a suprise yesterday when we came back from my wifes moms, Calum my eldest pointed out tyhat there was a toadstool in our garden on the new lawn, after I got the kids into the house I checked the toadstools out and found that they were not toadstools but Magic mushrooms. I kid you not there was about a dozen of them. Of course I have picked them all and put them away (to keep them out of the way of my three kids obviously).